Inspiration for this blog

Hi everyone! My name is Cassidy, and I am on a mission to reduce my impact on the planet. More specifically, I’m on a mission to make my carbon footprint zero in 365 days. This blog will serve to document that effort.

This effort is inspired by my recent employment at ChicoBag. For those that don’t know, ChicoBag is a company who’s purpose is to “help humanity kick the single-use bag habit”. If you are in need of a plastic bag education, please watch the movie “Bag It!”.

I should mention that (although I am a democrat) I am not a “tree-hugger”, I’ve never been a member of a radical environmentalist group, I don’t spend all my time chained to trees planned to be cut down, and I certainly have bad habits. One of the reasons I think this blog will be relate-able is because I am some what of an average Jane. I simply strive to make better informed and more practical choices when it comes to consuming.

My goal is that other people will choose to implement some of the same habits I will to reduce our impact on this planet. There is so much to learn, and learning IS INFECTIOUS. I aim to keep us all motivated and on track towards a goal of a carbon footprint of zero.

Let’s do this!


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