5 Awesome Repurposing and Upcycling Ideas of the Week!

Happy Friday everyone! Spice up your weekend with a DIY project (: Here’s some ideas:

craft ideas do it yourself (3)

From Dumpaday.com

Upcycled Doily Lamp, from Blogger ShannonSouth

Paper Flower Kusudama Ball by PinkOnHead

Pretty paper flowers decoration from Find Inspirations

Herb garden after 2

Turn old coffee cans into hanging herb gardens for easy access in the kitchen. From persephonemagazine.com

Made from an old CD case. From good.is


5 Awesome Repurposing Ideas of the Day 6/27/13

Today’s theme: from trash, to functional art.

Lamp and puppet

Lamp + puppet. From Pinterest.

Upcycled garden hose door mat by Mark Kintzel (Dishfunctional Designs)

Broken hose= Doormat! From Pinterest.

button covered globe - amazing!

Old buttons, made into a globe. From Pinterest.

Fish windchime from spoons

Fish wind chimes from spoons. From Pinterest.

Make Roses From Soda pop cans

A rose, made from soda cans! From Pinterest.