5 Awesome Repurposing and Upcycling Ideas of the Week!

Happy Friday everyone! Spice up your weekend with a DIY project (: Here’s some ideas:

craft ideas do it yourself (3)

From Dumpaday.com

Upcycled Doily Lamp, from Blogger ShannonSouth

Paper Flower Kusudama Ball by PinkOnHead

Pretty paper flowers decoration from Find Inspirations

Herb garden after 2

Turn old coffee cans into hanging herb gardens for easy access in the kitchen. From persephonemagazine.com

Made from an old CD case. From good.is


Sneak Peak at Future Posts!

So, I fell off the writing wagon for a while. But never fear, I’m back! Let’s shoot for a healthier, more sustainable 2014! Woo hoo!

Here’s some stuff you can look forward to seeing in the near future:
1. “Is 2 Really Better Than 1? Sonoma County’s Bag Bans Examined”
2. “Sustainable Advertising: Eco Friendly Products You Can Put Your Name On”
3. More DIY/Repurposing/Upcycling ideas, I’m going to do them weekly each Friday instead of daily now.

Thanks to my loyal readership for hanging in there with me. Look for my DIY Projects of the Week post tomorrow.