About ChicoBag: The Bags that Started it All

A little bit of history…

In 2004, our founder, Andy Keller, took a trip to our local landfill to dispose of some yard waste from a remodel. He was very disturbed by not only the sheer amount of plastic bags, but also where they were: in trees, stuck to fences, and blowing everywhere.

He went home and sewed the first ChicoBag. It was a reusable, cotton tote bag that stuffed into an integrated pouch, and had a carabiner, so that it could be easily remembered and portable. This became the basis of all of our bags’ design.

What we make now…

Bag Monster at Bioneers 2007

Bag Monster at Bioneers 2007 (Photo credit: Bag Monster)

Now, coming up on ten years since the first ChicoBag was made, we make over 100 different eco-friendly, reusable bag products. From our original bag, which is a traditional tote-style grocery bag, to the Duffel, we make a bag for every situation and project. (Did I mention they are really cute?) Check out our website: http://www.chicobag.com/

Follow the adventures of the bag monster…

Our wonderful interns, along side Andy, write the bag monster blog. This is a great resource for tracking the “Bag Ban” movement, and often adds levity to this weighty issue. It is another good resource for staying passionate about protecting our environment from plastic bags! You can read it here: http://www.bagmonster.com/


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