5 Awesome Repurposing and Upcycling Ideas of the Week!

Happy Friday everyone! Spice up your weekend with a DIY project (: Here’s some ideas:

craft ideas do it yourself (3)

From Dumpaday.com

Upcycled Doily Lamp, from Blogger ShannonSouth

Paper Flower Kusudama Ball by PinkOnHead

Pretty paper flowers decoration from Find Inspirations

Herb garden after 2

Turn old coffee cans into hanging herb gardens for easy access in the kitchen. From persephonemagazine.com

Made from an old CD case. From good.is


5 Awesome Repurposing Ideas of the Day 06/21/13

Today’s theme: Office organization/furniture.

Dishrack as file/pen organizer. From Bob Vila.

Crib, turned magazine rack. From Bob Vila.

Chest, turned file organizer. From Madame Wanderlust.

Pallets, turned cubicle divider. From Before It’s News.

Definitely the coolest reception desk of all time. From Home Jelly.

5 Awesome Upcycling Ideas of the Day 06/18/13

Sorry I haven’t been posting enough! This weekend was crazy, and last night was my husband’s 21st birthday. Here are some ideas for repurposing/upcycling!

stamping old credit cards into guitar picks

Turn old credit cards and gift cards into guitar picks! From Twisted Sifter.

old cd holder as bagel holder

Turn an old blank CD holder into a bagel storage device! From Twisted Sifter.

turning library card catalogue into bar stand

Old school card catalog turned mini bar! From Twisted Sifter.

using old barrels to make a drum set

Old barrels become a drum set! From Twisted Sifter.

old door frame used as standing mirror

Turn a door into a floor length mirror! From Twisted Sifter.