Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Presents and Celebration Ideas

As you all know, father’s day is coming up this Sunday. If you’re like me and you waited until the last second to get your dad something (oops!), here’s some tips for how to keep your dad and the planet happy!

CSA Subscriptions

This is a great option for keeping Dad healthy and keeping food local! Usually, the service costs somewhere between $75-125/month, and you go pick up a new box of fruits and veggies each week! It sounds like a lot, but $20-30/week isn’t much for quality organic produce. These boxes tend to be LARGE as well. A quick google search for CSAs in your area should turn up your options.


If your dad already loves fruits and veggies, or if he’s a jerky man, think about investing in a dehydrator or juicer! This is a great way to ensure none of the beautiful produce from your CSA subscription or local farmer’s market goes bad and goes to waste.

Hit the Thrift Store

Thrift stores always have quality stuff for low prices. If you’re on a tight budget, this is how to get the biggest bang for your buck. It works especially well if you are creative and crafty. You might find something you could upcycle or repurpose to make it extra special.

Make it Yourself

This is the most time consuming option, but probably the most appreciated and special. My dad loves collages of family pictures, and giant cards. He’s also a big SF Giants fan. Take a trip to your local craft store for inspiration, grab your glue gun, and go nuts!

Choose Green Wrapping Options

Consider wrapping your dad’s present in a reusable shopping bag, or in newspaper or wrap made from recycled content. No sense in waste just for the sake of aesthetics!

This is by no means the whole list. Your imagination is the best source of inspiration, and you definitely know your dad better than some random person writing a blog post. But hopefully you’ll choose something unique and eco-friendly for Dad this year! Feel free to share your ideas by commenting!


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